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  1. Hej,
    I am sorry but I must write in Engliah, my Swedish is not so good. Please who could give me some information. It seems that I am related to you.
    Who has some information about my possible ancestor Peter Hessler. I have only this info:
    Peter Hessler born 1740, who was married with Catharina Danielsdotter born 8.8.1757 in Grangärde. They had at least a son Peter Hessler b. 20.9.1785 in Stora Kopparberg Morberget and a daughter <<<<anna Catherina b. 6.12.1789.
    Peter Hessler Junior became a kopparslagare and moved to Finland 1810. He is my grandfather´s grandmother´s father.

    I found in internet the info about Anna Ersdotter Nohrström who married a Peter Hessler 25.2.1739.

    Please, can somebody confirm to me that my Peter Hessler b. 1740 is the son of Peter Hessler and Anna Nohrström?
    And that we dates in Sweden are correct? I of course would give the infos about my research.

    I can read Swedish.

    Wishing you, my very far (I hope) relatives a sunny, beautiful weekend!

    Liisa Wright

  2. Hej Liisa!

    There is some information about the family Hessler in our family registry, where there is a Peter Hessler, who had a son Petrus Hessler, born in 1740. We have no further information about Petrus Hessler, though. If he turns out to be an ancestor of yours, you are welcome to join our family society. If you live in Finland, you might consider joining through our Finnish branch. In such a case, just send me an email

    Here is what we have on the family Hessler:

    Familj 13
    Anna Ersdotter Nohrström (från familj 2), född 1714-09-01
    i Bergsgården, Stora Kopparberg (W), död i Nedre Elsborg Falun,
    Kristine (W). Fru i Nedre Elsborg Falun, Kristine (W).
    testes: Evolt Knutzen och hustrun, Anders Görsson på Falun och hustrun. Evolt Knutzen,handelsman och rådman i Falun (från Hamburg)
    Gift 1706 med Anna Kristina Gahn dotter t.bergsmannen och
    handelsmannen Volter Johannis Gahn f. i Falun 12/8 1657,gift
    4/5 1682 med Magdalena Wulf död 5/1 1706 i Falun. Volter Gahn
    son t.bergsmannen och handelsmannen Hans Gahn och Anna Lorentzd. Hentrik.

    Gift 1739-02-25 i Stora Kopparberg (W) med
    Peter Hessler, född 1712-08-01 i Daglöstäkten Falun, Kristine (W),
    död 1777-05-03 i Falun, Kristine (W). Köpman i Nedre Elsborg Falun,
    Kristine (W).
    f,v,d.. Burskap 1738-09-20 i Falun

    * Petrus Hessler, född 1740-02-05 i Nedre Elsborg Falun, Kristine (W).

    * Maria Hessler, född 1741-07-01 i Nedre Elsborg Falun, Kristine (W).

    * Maria Kristina Hessler, född 1742-09-19 i Nedre Elsborg Falun,
    Kristine (W).

    * Katarina Hessler, född 1744-09-14, se familj 36.


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